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Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm baaack!

After several  months of family issues and horror, I'm back on the horn with some gluten-free news for you.
EvaRuth's has some new offerings for us...
Check out this Sunflower Delight cupcake. It has a GF Oreo topped with frosting. So pretty and so delicious. And don't forget the awesomely cute Honey Bee cupcake, with vanilla honey frosting to die for and a cute little edible bee.

A&J Bakery has announced a new lemon bundt cake...oooooh. Oh, and chicken soup for those who don't feel like cooking tonight.

Keep tuned in, more great stuff is coming.

Check out my gluten-free column on It publishes the second Thursday of each  month in the "South County Independent" and the "North East Independent."

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