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Monday, March 4, 2013

Gluten-free Chinese from China Lake, Somerset, Mass.

It's can get gluten-free Chinese food.
China Lake in Somerset, Mass., has an extensive menu, developed under the guidance of the owner of Healthy Haven, a completely gluten-free grocery store in Tiverton. One of the nicest things: they serve their gluten-free food in these cute shell-shaped dishes (or are they fish-shaped?). That way, your server and you can be assured that the dish is in fact, safe for a celiac to eat. How cool is that!

This selection was shrimp with peas and carrots over white rice in a sauce. Delicious!  NOTE: Make sure that you say NO MSG, just in case. Don't know about you, but MSG hits me just like I've been glutened. Slammin' headache for days, achy all over, know the drill.

Every so often, they hold a special GF buffet, where they have a large assortment of items, all GF! For more information on these buffet events, contact Kathi at Healthy Haven. To view a copy of the menu (as of April 2012), use the following link:

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